Be flexible with the number of participants …


You are welcome to come to Zeltwiese Absberg with the whole family. The family group tariff is ideal for this, providing you with a maximum flexibility in terms of the number of participants.

From at least 6 people and up to a group size of 19 people, you are considered a family group. That gives you the advantage that you can flexibly adjust the actual number of participants by +/- 3 people on site and, if necessary overpaid people are reimbursed.

In order to make billing for your group as easy as possible, this tariff charges a flat rate of 15.00 euros per person and night, no matter with how many tents you arrive with.

Please note that our Zeltwiesenordnung (general tent rules) also apply here. The night’s quiet time at 10:00 p.m. is mandatory, all drinking games are expressly forbidden and excessive alcohol consumption is not tolerated. Upon arrival, you pay a deposit of 100 euros, which can be retained if the rules are not observed.