Goodbye to boredom

Would you like to experiencie something more than just rest and relaxation?
How about wakeboarding, crate-climbing or paddleboarding?
CAMPSITE ABSBERG´s wide range of activities
will ensure that you don´t get bored during your holidays.


No other trend sport has grown as much as wakeboarding in recent years.
The symbiosis of nature, technology and skill offers the perfect challenge for all ages.

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Stand-Up-Paddling (SUP)

Stand-Up-Paddling is one of the most popular sports of the year. Our service offers SUPs and an XXL SUP. Or what about an SUP tour or SUP polo?

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Crate and tree climbing

Crate stacking until they fall over is the principle behind our new attraction! Wether alone or in a group, overcome your fear of heights and break the stack of crates or tree climbing record.

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People who are already familiar with yoga and those who are only curious can get to find themselves in our YOGA hours, relax and escape from the everyday or holiday stress.

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Sand beach with lawn for sunbathing

What about just laying back, unwinding and releasing yourself free?
Our two wonderful sand beaches will invite you to relax and are ideal and suitable for children.

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Holiday programme for kids

During the holidays, we offer a free, two-hour children’s programme for children aged four to twelve.

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Football pitch

At our sports area we do magic with the ball: we pass it, we tackle and we shoot dreamlike shots. As Sepp Herberger said, the round must go into the square, everything revolves around scoring goals on the football pitch.

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Beach volleyball

Both our beach volleyball courts are equipped with fine sand and nets and are located right next to our sports camp site.

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Table tennis

Whether singles, doubles or round robin – you can play non-stop on our built in table tennis table!

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Longboard hire

A concrete cycle path runs around the entire Brombachsee. Hire one of our longboards and go exploring around the lake.

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What better way is there to end the evening than with a nice campfire? Our two campfire sites are ideal for groups.

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